YOURmeds parent company MARsoft started out making patient-friendly prescription labels, charts and reports, with the aim of making complex LTC medication regimes easier for carers to understand and manage.Today we have some 20,000 patients using our software, and more come on board every month.

In trying to make medication more manageable, we realised adherence was becoming a growing problem, globally too. According to the World Health Organisation, up to 50% of all medication is not taken as prescribed worldwide. For specific conditions such as Heart Failure, this figure rises to almost 70%, putting the patient at risk and increasing costs substantially to the NHS.

YOURmeds was built to help people become more adherent and designed to help connect families and carers. Our family members use it, our customers use it and we know it works!

YOURmeds is made up of a small dedicated team that has built and patented this solution. We work closely with the NHS, doctors, pharmacies, social services and care agencies. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

Technology needs people to make it work - that's why we created a technology-driven solution based around the Family.

Welcome to the YOURmeds family!