YOURmeds is a revolutionary new solution for care providers - it frees up your staff to do what they do best, provide care. By using YOURmeds, you can increase capacity and take on more work, and improve the quality of the care you offer.

We are all aware of the crisis in Social Care - too many people need help, not enough carers and councils not paying enough to cover your costs. Contracts are under pressure, and the system is failing.

Working in partnership with Care Providers and Local Authorities, YOURmeds allows you to make 'e-Visits', whereby your staff can monitor clients in real time from the office. You only need to do something if the client is failing to take their medications, and in many cases a simple phone call will suffice. Local authorities are willing to pay for you to monitor remotely as they want you to create more hours to bring more people into the safety net.

This could lead to significant time saving, improved rostering and higher revenue. For the private pay market (which is growing rapidly), YOURmeds is a vital link between a client and the family, allowing you, the carer, to focus on what really matters.

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